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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ines Gavran — Toronto-based Criminal Defence Lawyer

Ines Gavran is a disciplined, passionate, and fearless leader. She stands with anyone in time of need regardless of their background or social status. She relentlessly demands respect of her clients’ most vital constitutional right: the presumption of innocence.

Ines Gavran is a Toronto-based criminal defence lawyer with an advocacy practice in criminal law serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Ms. Gavran was born in Croatia, Europe. While living in Croatia, Ms. Gavran survived the civil war. Her unparalleled life experience has fostered in Ms. Gavran wisdom well beyond her years and a lifetime devotion to firmly stand for others. Upon her arrival to Canada, Ms. Gavran undertook police studies at La Cité collégiale in Ottawa, Ontario where she graduated with honors and was awarded for exceptional leadership and overall academic excellence. In order to expand her skills in tactics and strategy, Ms. Gavran joined Siam No.1 Ottawa Division, Canada’s first Muay Thai Academy, where she became one of two female members of the Siam No. 1 Ottawa Muay Thai competitive team and successfully competed across Ontario.

After earning her law degree at the University of Ottawa, Ms. Gavran completed her articles at one of the largest criminal defence firms in Toronto during which time she made over two thousand court appearances, successfully conducted trials, and obtained withdrawals for the firm’s clients. Ms. Gavran has established amicable professional relationships with Crown Attorneys and is well respected by judges throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Ms. Gavran clerked with Justice Real Lapointe at the Quebec Court of Justice, where she worked on criminal and civil cases, and provided legal opinions to the judge. She co-authored “Fearon Case Commentary: Warrantless Cell Phone Searches” published by Criminal Lawyers Association. She also authored several articles published in the Criminal Lawyers Magazine.

Upon being called to the Law Society of Ontario, Ms. Gavran opened her own criminal defence law firm downtown Toronto with view of challenging the current law, and defending and promoting individual rights. Ms. Gavran conducted extensive financial crime compliance investigations relating to money laundering and terrorism financing as a consultant to a leading financial institution based in Toronto, ON. As such, she has knowledge of financial compliance regime under the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada and provides legal representation to individuals charged with related offences.

Ms. Gavran is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Criminal Code Reform Committee, and the Criminal Lawyers Association.

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