Ms. Gavran has a proven track record of success. She continuously aims to secure bail and withdrawal of criminal charges against her clients. She is always well-prepared and ready to go to trial to fearlessly challenge Crown Attorney’s case.

Among the jury of her peers, Ms. Gavran is known as an authoritative, detail-oriented and result-driven individual who strives in challenges. She believes in a personalized, persuasive, and vigorous defence of her clients against the Prosecution, and she uses her trial experience, advocacy and negotiation skills to strategically obtain the best possible result for the clients that she represents. At all times, you will be informed of the steps to be taken and the options that are available to you.

Ms. Gavran has successfully defended a variety of criminal charges and constantly seeks opportunities to strengthen her clients’ cases. She has represented individuals facing from fraud to drug trafficking charges, to providing legal advice to clients charged with 1st degree murder in high profile cases. In addition, Ms. Gavran received an internationally-recognized training relating to anti-money laundering and terrorism financing. She acted as a financial crime compliance consultant to a prominent financial institution in Toronto, Ontario.

At Gavran Criminal Defence, our belief is that an exceptional lawyer is one who uses psychology, strategy and life experience in addition to extensive legal knowledge to get the best result possible.

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